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Married 4 Life Ministries hopes to offer retreats free of charge for couples in order to help  eliminate any monetary distractions during their stay.

Since the birth of Married 4 Life Ministries in September 2017 God has (as He usually does) provided beyond what we could have imagined. Married 4 Life Ministries has purchased a retreat home in Cahone Colorado and we are very excited to continue seeing God work in phenomenal ways. With a few very generous gifts We have been blessed to be able to host a full schedule of retreats just 6 months in. 
See below for some ways you can help us do our part to 
Restore, Equip and Strengthen marriages!  

As with any ministry we ask for your prayers above everything else.
A few specifics...
~ Open the hearts of couples to seek out opportunities for restoration
~ Continued obedience for ministry participants
~ Adequate provisions for continues success

Help our retreats run smoothly with...
~ Household supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, laundry soap, dryer sheets, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, ice melt, etc.)
~Food staples (coffee, tea, sugar, spices, flower, cooking oils, artificial sweeteners, etc)
~comfort items "New" (King and queen size pillows, throw blankets, bath towels, kitchen towels and washrags, etc.)   

Monetary  Needs
As with all ministries there are some overhead costs associated. Any gift you feel God has led you to give is greatly appreciated. Some of the things these gifts will be used for are...
~Teaching materials, printing needs, office materials and software, 
~Guest gift baskets (M4L mugs, devotionals and of course chocolate, etc.)
~Grounds Maintenance 

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